Kirsten Hagen provided superb presentation for selling my home in Montara CA

Kirsten Hagen provided superb strategy, preparation, and presentation for selling my home in Montara CA. My home was beautifully staged and sold within 30 days of listing. Though I live in Illinois, Kirsten arranged bids, prioritized and scheduled resurfacing hardwood flooring and replacing carpeting, interior and exterior painting, sealing the deck, landscaping, plumbing, and extensive kitchen re-modelling work along with all necessary inspections and repairs within sixty days prior to listing. The target back in April was June 1st, we listed on June 4th of 2019 and closed escrow on July 3rd. It doesn’t get any better than that. If Kirsten Hagen is your agent you can reliably expect a strong work ethic and excellent attention to detail and follow through. Kirsten Hagen is well-connected, resourceful and communicative. A good resource for the coast