Today we are a little over 2 weeks away from the end of 2021….and what a year it has been! Unlike any for sure. While many of us wait till the end of this month to think about 2022, who doesn’t benefit from an early start? Maybe starting to calmly and methodically think about the new year right now will give you a head start, more time to REALLY think about your objectives and goals and then structure a clear vision plan for 2022 later in the month?

It’s at this time of the year that we can look inwards and decide what is truly important to YOU. You are the producer, director and star of your own ‘movie’ and you may have more control of it than you think. Yes, while every day is a bit of a mystery, the more you do, the more opportunity you will have to fully experience the unlimited potential of your existence. It is never too late. I know people who have retired successfully at 50, and some who have built empires starting at 50! No-one can judge the success or failure of your ‘movie’ except you. These are a few thoughts on what to ponder:

1.  What will you define as your ‘success’ 10 years from now? A year from now?


2.  What things do you enjoy doing that you should do more of? Or less of?


3.  What is your purpose on this planet? We ALL play an important role. What is yours? Even the (perceived) smallest of touch-points matter and make a difference.


4.  When you look back a year from now, what would you have liked to change/add/subtract?


5.  Who really matters in your life? What are you doing to embrace, enhance and nurture those relationships? Who is missing in your life?


6.  What new habits could you learn and master? It takes about 30

successive days of repetition to build a habit, good or bad. 


7.  What are you doing proactively to nurture your mind and body?


8.  Are you growing, stagnating or in decline? Do you care? If you do, and

you are not content with your predicament, what can you do to alter course?


9.  Who do you turn to for advice, or discuss your thoughts and ideas? If those are too dark or private, seek a professional coach or therapist.


10. Before you do any of the above, take really, really accurate, honest inventory of who you are, where you are, what you are doing, thinking, etc.


Again, fear not what others may think. Taking honest, full inventory is the only way to truly assess where you are and where you might like to go. How to get there may actually be the easiest part. Yes, it will take work, but nothing that’s truly worth something is quick and easy.

Remember that the opinions of your choices by others is unimportant, as long as you are not hurting anyone else. What you like or want can be all about YOUR specific likes and needs. We are all different. Embrace it. 

Make your movie that starts in 2022 – maybe the sequel – an OSCAR-worthy endeavor! (Start planning early!)


Leonard Steinberg, COMPASS